Travel Team Information


The CYBL Travel teams are composed of players that are typically of a more advanced skill level, and participate in games that are of a higher competitive level, against teams from other towns in the area.

Travel Teams are SELECTED by the Travel Teams Coaching Staffs, based on try-outs and evaluations that they conduct. The number of players that are selected, and the size of the rosters are completely at the discretion of the Travel Team coaching staff.

Unlike the CYBL regular intramural program, there are no rules governing playing time for players on the travel teams. Again, this is at the discretion of the Travel Team coaching staff.



What is a travel team?

A Travel Team is comprised of players whose skills have developed to the point where they would benefit from playing in an environment that is more competitive than the current Intramural Program offered by the CYBL. The travel teams will play games against players of the same age from other cities and towns in the area.

How are teams chosen?

Candidates for the travel team will be selected during the Travel Team tryout sessions. After the Travel evaluation session/tryout, approximately twelve players will be chosen for each team. Players not selected for the travel team are eligible to play on an intramural division team.

How many travel teams are there?

There will generally be at least eight travel teams. These will consist of four teams for boys and four teams for girls – a separate team for boys and girls from each grade involved (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th). The number of teams can increase given the interest level of players and the availability of coaches and assistant coaches. NOTE: Players from grades below grade 5 can also tryout for Travel Teams.

What is the cost?

If your son or daughter is chosen to participate on a travel team, there are additional registration costs, as well as additional charges for tournaments in which travel teams participate. See detailed Registration Information for what those additional charges are in any given year.

What is the philosophy of the travel team program?

Our goal for the travel team program is to give players a playing atmosphere that is more competitive than the intramural program but one which still concentrates on the two key elements of the intramural program, “Fun and Fundamentals”. Since the teams will be playing in competitive leagues and tournaments, it is expected that coaches will utilize their players in an attempt to win. However, the coaches will attempt to achieve this goal within the context of giving all players the opportunity to develop their skills, a reasonable amount of playing time and an enjoyable basketball experience.

How much playing time will my Son/Daughter receive?

Playing time will be based on a number of factors, but the coaches will make the final decisions as to the actual amount of playing time each player will receive. Some of the factors coaches will take into consideration include:

  • Ability
  • Attitude
  • Attendance at practices
  • Score of the game

As a result, not all players will receive the same amount of playing time. If you wish your son/daughter to receive an equal amount of playing time in each game then it would be best that he/she participate in the intramural program. Your son/daughter will receive more individual game playing time, however, because the travel teams normally play two to three times as many games and have more practices than the intramural teams. Additionally, the travel teams usually have more experienced coaches than the intramural program, just by the nature of the program itself. In the long run it is possible that your son/daughter may play less in the travel program, but may come away with a stronger foundation to pursue more advanced teams in the future. Each individual family has to make their own decision as to which avenue to pursue.

Can travel team members also play in the regular Saturday intramural program?

Travel team members are NOT allowed to play in the regular CYBL intramural program nor in the CYBL Brotherhood Tournament.

Can travel team members play in other basketball programs?

CYBL Travel Team players are NOT allowed to play on another league’s teams.