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2014-15 Season

(THIS Season’s Information)

REGISTRATION PERIOD (Standard): August 6 to September 30, 2014

NOTE: As of December 22, 2014, registration has CLOSED in ALL CYBL Divisions EXCEPT Mini-Mite GIRLS, High School Boys and High School Girls.

LATE FEE: Players can still register AFTER September 30, 2014, but they will typically be charged an additional $25 late fee in addition to the standard registration fee.

NOTE: The earlier a player registers, the more likely CYBL will be able to place him/her in a CYBL division. Placement in a CYBL division is not guaranteed – it is based on division total capacity and is done on a first registered, first-placed basis.


Before registering to play in CYBL, please review the PLAYER ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS by clicking on this link.


Please click on the link below to begin the online registration process:


PLEASE NOTE: You must pay at the time you register online with a valid credit card or valid debit card.

If you can not register online and/or pay by credit or debit card, please call Nancy March, CYBL Treasurer, at 978-250-1695 to discuss your situation.





Mini-Mite (Grades 1-2) $75 $75
Mite (Grades 3-4) $75 $75
Cadet (Grades 5-6) $110 $110
Junior (Grades 7-8) $110 $110
High School (Grades 9-12) $115 $100


REGISTRATION SEQUENCE: ALL Players interested in trying out for TRAVEL basketball must FIRST register in the appropriate INTRAMURAL Division before September 16th. Players only interested in playing INTRAMURAL (“In-Town”) basketball have until September 30th to register.

LATE FEE: Beginning OCTOBER 1, 2014, registrations for ALL Divisions will typically increase by $25. For High School Boys and Girls Division players, the late fee will be waived if they can show that they tried out for a High School team (Varsity, JV or Freshman) and did not make that team.

TRAVEL TEAM SELECTION/FEES: As stated above, ALL players interested in playing on a Travel Team must first register in the appropriate INTRAMURAL division no later than September 15th.

After Travel Teams are selected in LATE SEPTEMBER, one additional fee of $250 will be required.

FAMILY MAXIMUM PAYMENTS: INTRAMURAL ONLY PLAYERS: There is a $350 maximum fee per family for families who only register Intramural participants. In order to have this maximum fee charged automatically at the time of registration, ALL players must be registered in the same online registration session.

FAMILIES with TRAVEL and INTRAMURAL PLAYERS: There is a $1,000 maximum fee per family for those families who have participants in both the Intramural and Travel programs. Because of the method and timing in which Travel Team Players are selected, final resolution of the family maximum payment typically involves a discussion with the CYBL Treasurer.

NOTE: Family Maximum Payment Calculations do NOT Include Merchandise Purchases.




o Before 1st practice: 100%
o Before 2nd game: 90%
o Before 4th game: 50%
o After 4th game: 0%

o Other: as various requests may be made, the Treasurer will use her judgement as to the amount to be refunded.

o Refund requests should be sent to Nancy March. Contact information can be found on the CYBL Board of Directors Web page.

Any High School student who registers for CYBL and then tries out for and makes a High School team (Varsity, JV or Freshman) can receive a full refund from CYBL by contacting the CYBL Treasurer.



(Especially useful for first-time Players and their Parents)

CYBL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Brief Overview, Each Division

(Division-specific questions – ask the appropriate Division Director)

Data Privacy Policy


Several Registration Questions and Answers:

Why is CYBL bugging me about registering for a WINTER basketball league in August and September?!

In order to recruit coaches and form teams that are as evenly matched as possible, CYBL first needs to know how many kids are registered (registration closes mid-September for TRAVEL tryouts and at the end of September for INTRAMURAL divisions). We hold tryouts for the TRAVEL Teams in mid-late September (TRAVEL Team practices begin in early October).

Once TRAVEL Team players are selected, CYBL Division Directors then form preliminary INTRAMURAL (“in-town”) division teams and run evaluation scrimmages or use some other means in early/mid-November to see if the teams in their divisions are evenly matched. Adjustments are made to team rosters based on those scrimmages/evaluations, and voila, it’s early December and time to play the first INTRAMURAL division games of the season!

Why should I register as soon as possible?

Based on previous seasons, CYBL has estimates of the number of INTRAMURAL division teams and players we can support in each division. Once we reach those numbers in each division, we have to start putting players on wait lists. And because the only fair way to run CYBL is on a first-come, first-served basis, the earlier a player registers, the more likely it is that the player will be placed on a team and not end up on a waiting list.