Board of Directors – Chelmsford Youth Basketball League

If interested in any CYBL Board position, please contact the CYBL President for details.

Position Name Phone Email
President Brian Doherty 978-250-0120
Vice President Debbie Haywood  —
Secretary Jill Kenny  —
Treasurer Nancy March 978-250-1695
BOYS Intramural (“In-Town”) Division Directors
Position Name Phone Email
Mini-Mites (Grades 1-2) Mark Hennelly  —
Mites (Grades 3-4) Stephen MacCormack  —
Cadets (Grades 5-6) Larry Khirallah 978-761-8899
Juniors (Grades 7-8) Gary Green 978-453-2635
HS (Grades 9-12) Bob McClure 978-758-2807
GIRLS Intramural (“In-Town”) Division Directors
Position Name Phone Email
Mites (Grades 1-2) OPEN  — Contact President
Cadets (Grades 3-4-5) Andy Lynch 617-908-1412
Juniors (Grades 6-7-8) Joe March 978-250-1695
HS (Grades 9-12) Jon Moore 978-505-7450
TRAVEL Team Division Directors
Position Name Phone Email
Boys (Grades 4-8) Mark Robillard 978-250-0608
Girls (Grades 4-8) Brian Doherty 978-250-0120
Position Name Phone Email
Commissioner Sherrill Erickson 978-621-1852
Equipment Denise Angwin  —
Fundraising, Merchandise,
Public Relations
OPEN  — Contact President
Information/Webmaster Dave Ingalls  —
Officials/Referees Jon Silva 978-314-6009
Program Development Mike Linnehan 978 257-6012
Special Activities Steve Jones 978-256-4518
Directors At Large
Position Name Phone Email
Director at Large Cam Lucey  —
Director at Large Steve Murray 978-302-8182